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Actions from the meeting on April 7

A meeting (24 attended) was held at Market Overton Village Hall on April 7 to discuss how as a community we could provide a healthy, low carbon environment using the resources we have within the village.

Phil England gave an excellent presentation on why there is a need for all of us to live more sustainable lives, and to protect our planet. The presentation included a number of practical suggestions such as: tree planting, repair and mend workshops, seed and garden produce swap, providing a market for local craftspeople, and providing swap events for wood, clothes, fabric and furniture. Suggestions were then invited from those attending and covered a range of topics

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Individual wind turbines on houses
  • Move to natural household and health products away from forever harmful chemicals
  • Litter pick
  • Share shopping trips to reduce fuel consumption
  • Sharing bins for those that have excess waste. Saves on a trip to the community waste site
  • Practical methods for ensuring food waste (particularly fats) do not enter the sewers
  • Establishing a village advice centre on how to reduce carbons
  • Regular guest speakers
  • Green idea of the month

In order to facilitate discussion and the implementation of these suggestions we have created a members only Facebook page ” Marko Eco” where these can be explored in greater detail.

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