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Great Heart month

GET READY FOR GREEN HEARTS EVERYWHERE. FEBRUARY 2022 Climate change doesn’t care about our differences, and that’s why people here in the UK and across the world are putting them aside and doing what we can to tackle climate change…

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All Change Please: Waste Management

I type on a dark and deep November – short days and long nights – the perfect time to curl up with a cuppa (or something stronger) and have a little stock – take.  The Rutland Conversation continues; how we…

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The conundrum of Verges

It seems pertinent to talk about verges this week.  It is certainly a policy area whereby you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t: in this context to cut or not to cut; that is the question.…

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No Mow May

I always like something that can be immediately actioned and with noticeable results – a ‘take home’ if you will.  My ‘take – home’ after our first virtual climate summit on Wednesday was ‘No Mow May’: this is a prime…

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Rubbish: In the Home

I start with a washing up brush – my mother, a woman for whom frugality was an art form, appeared many years ago to have been swept up with the wild consumerism of the 1990s with the purchase of a…

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Getting about: Rural style

I had an interesting / reasonable enquiry this week: apparently if you have a bus pass issued by Leicester City you also get half price rail fares.  Could Rutland do the same?  Unfortunately, the answer is a ‘no’.   This sounds…

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Rubbish: Out and about

Some of you may be aware that I organise a monthly litter pick – first Saturday of the month, 11 – 12 – the picture shows the amount of rubbish collected from roughly a half mile stretch from Leicester Road,…

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