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Linear Park NHS Woods Barleythorpe Tree Planting starting November 2022

Barleythorpe Parish Council and The Woodland Trust will be running, The Tree Planting Project where, The Woodland Trust and BPC as partners will sponsor trees to be planted around Barleythorpe Parks and Open spaces to support biodiversity, enhance the areas natural landscape, and offset our local carbon emissions.

Our Second Event for the Barleythorpe Canopy Project starting on the 30th Oct 2022, for a Volunteers get together everyone is welcome, starting at 10am at Linear Park NHS Woods

Volunteer with us on the Barleythorpe Tree Planting Project, what-ever your skills or background, however much time you can give, you can make a difference. Morning or Afternoon starting the 6th Nov 2022 email and sign up to the Climate Change Challenge. Dates will be announced later.

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