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Rutland Climate Action is a group of volunteers who work together to combat climate change and its effects in Rutland. 

They are looking for new members who can help with local projects, such as raising awareness, fundraising, and tree planting. No experience or skills are required, just passion and commitment.

RCA will be meeting at the Falcon Hotel, Uppingham on Monday 20th November. 7.30 pm – 9.00pm and invite anyone with an interest in climate change to attend. 

Presentations by Cllr Lucy Stephenson, Dave Blanksby and Bill Stillman. If you wish to attend, please contact Bill at: or

Cllr Lucy Stephenson says: “This is something of a re – launch for the RCA network, with a fundamental aim of enabling and supporting action on climate change both by the individual and collectively across Rutland. 

We are fortunate to have a lot of people in Rutland who have drive, passion and expertise in specific areas who may well wish to lead more informal groups to ensure Rutland Climate Action is about doing not talking! “

Plant a Tree at Your School 

RCA is also running the Rutland Tree Planting Project. Their commercial Partners and the Woodland Trust will sponsor trees planted in Schools around Rutland to support Biodiversity, enhance the natural landscape, and offset carbon emissions. RCA volunteers, Dave Blanksby and Bill Stillman are currently making presentations to pupils. parents and staff. If your school would like to participate, please contact Bill at: or

Rutland’s Climate Mission 

Says Bill Stillman RCA volunteer Communications Officer: Together we take action to redress the balance in our natural world whether by reducing our carbon footprint, improving biodiversity, applying high ethical standards to what we consume or by cutting down on our waste. 

We do so for the immediate well–being of our communities and for those to come. Rutland Climate Action will: 1) Build connections: One Rutland 

2) Engage with the whole community, raising awareness 

3) Educate and signpost to enable the community to make informed and beneficial choices 4) Measure success by monitoring and evaluating actions taken 

5) Ensure that ‘stakeholder’ status is achieved: a united voice will provide evidence-based opinion on policy both at a local and a national government level.

The Effects of Climate Change

The effects of human-caused global warming are happening now, are irreversible on the timescale of people alive today, and will worsen in the decades to come.

Global climate change is not a future problem. Changes to Earth’s climate driven by increased human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases are already having widespread effects on the environment: glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking, river and lake ice is breaking up earlier, plant and animal geographic ranges are shifting, and plants and trees are blooming sooner.

Effects that scientists had long predicted would result from global climate change are now occurring, such as sea ice loss, accelerated sea level rise, and longer, more intense heat waves.

Some changes (such as droughts, wildfires, and extreme rainfall) are happening faster than scientists previously assessed. In fact, according to the United Nations body established to assess the science related to climate change — modern humans have never before seen the observed changes in our global climate, and some of these changes are irreversible over the next hundreds to thousands of years.

Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for many decades, mainly due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities.

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