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Ketton Climate Action community engagement

During March, the Ketton Climate Action group invited local residents to complete a short survey, in order to help the group to develop its plans for the coming year. As part of its community engagement, the group also gave a short presentation to the Ketton Annual Parish Meeting in March, with feedback from the meeting being used alongside the survey results to form plans.

Among those responding to the survey, there was widespread concern about climate change, with the majority saying that they are extremely concerned and only one person saying that they are not concerned about climate change.

When asked to choose from a list of potential activities for the Ketton Climate Action group to undertake, the initiatives with the highest scores were:

  • tree planting
  • wild flower verges
  • public recycling bins (including for items which cannot be disposed of in domestic grey bins)
  • safe cycling routes
  • electric car charging facilities
  • community litter picks.

Clearly some of these areas are easier to address than others. The Ketton Climate Action Group will continue to run regular litter picks and it is anticipated that the Ketton Green Spaces Group will take the lead on a further round of tree planting during the tree planting season in November / December 2022. For the other priority initiatives, the group is in discussion with key stakeholders, including the Parish Council and Hanson, on how to take things forward.

The initiatives given lower scores in the survey will not be a focus of attention for the coming year, for example installing a drinking fountain and a car share scheme.

In the free form section of the survey, there was an encouraging number of suggestions and comments. Taken with the discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting, there are a number of themes emerging on where Ketton residents would like more advice and support:

  • More information on what can be recycled and where, with an appetite to recycle more (e.g. food waste).
  • More information on local sustainable shopping opportunities and on how to switch to climate friendly / low-waste products.
  • People living in the Ketton conservation area or in listed buildings would like clear guidance on what energy saving changes are feasible and are permitted by planning rules (e.g. fitting double glazing, installing solar panels). To the extent that the rules are understood, there is a feeling of frustration that the planning rules are too restrictive, given the scale of the climate crisis.

Addressing these points will also form part of the group’s plans for the coming months.

While the formal survey is now closed, Ketton Climate Action is always happy to receive comments and suggestions from local residents, and any offers to help the group deliver on its priorities will be gratefully received. For more information, follow the group on Facebook, or Twitter (@KettonClimate), or contact the group via the parish council email (

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