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Market Overton Climate Support

Meeting at Village Hall on Thursday 7th April at 7pm open to all residents of Market Overton

Much has been made in the news of the need for us all to try to live more sustainable lives and to protect our planet and there are a growing group of local people who feel that in this lovely village of Market Overton we could ‘do our bit’ to be a part of this.

There is already great community spirit within Market Overton and we would love to garner this energy to help us provide a healthy, low carbon environment using the caring and closely linked resources we already have.

We are open to any suggestions and everyone is welcome to join us with our aims of helping to deliver practical projects, give friendly advice and facilitate events, all on an entirely voluntary basis.

We have come up with a few ideas so far as follows:

  • Sourcing surplus food that would otherwise be wasted and enabling it to go to Food Banks
  • Fruit and nut tree planting schemes
  • Fruit / veg / seed swap and garden sharing
  • “Tips and  hints in reducing energy use” leading to a reduction in  cost and carbon footprint
  • Repair and mend workshops
  • Field to fork to give locally grown food a market
  • Providing a market for local craftspeople and artisans
  • Arranging ‘swap’ events to exchange / donate surplus items eg fabric, wool, clothes, furniture

We are holding a meeting at the Village Hall as noted above and we would welcome your thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm to this venture and for you to be part of the discussion and part of this process!

Andy Williamson, Laura Alcock, Phil England, Graham Don


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