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MarkoEco has a page in the village newsletter

Market Overton publishes a regular newsletter (Outreach), distributed to all the houses in Market Overton. In future MarkoEco will have regular page to address climate change issues. This is a preview of the first entry.

“In 2021, Rutland County Council declared a Climate Crisis for the county. Part of the response to this emergency was the development of a network of community led climate action groups. With the support of the Parish Council, the MarkoEco group was established with the goal of suggesting solutions we can all deliver.  Following a village hall meeting and litter picking event, we will be looking to host further sessions later this year.  If you want to get involved, checkout the Facebook page (linked to the village page)

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and we all should consider our impact on the environment. Could you consume less, grow more, reuse your leftovers, and improve how you recycle? Every small change we make, adds up to a big difference.

Our agenda, for now, is to promote a Climate friendly future, and we will be expanding on the points below in the coming issues.

  • Choose active and public transport if you can
  • Save Energy and switch to clean energy
  • Use water carefully
  • Think before you buy new -think about what you buy
  • Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle
  • Eat more plant based foods and avoid wasting food
  • Choose a green bank
  • Garden for nature
  • Talk climate
  • Come together in your community and take action”
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