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No Mow May is back

Want to help the wildlife in your garden? All you have to do during May is resist the temptation to mow your lawn.

No Mow May is back this year, bringing a boost of much needed nectar to pollinators across gardens, parklands and verges, as gardeners throughout the UK pledge not to mow their lawns for the month.

No Mow May is Plantlife’s annual campaign calling all garden owners and green space managers not to mow during May, liberating lawns and providing a space for nature. Keeping the mower locked up for another month allows spring plants a chance to set seed before the next cutting.

Ian Dunn, the chief executive of Plantlife, said: “The immaculate bright green bowling green lawn with its neat stripes may have historically been the desired garden aesthetic, but increasingly we are seeing a cultural shift which sees wilder lawns buzzing with bees and butterflies becoming highly valued. A radical shift in attitudes towards lawn management is under way and it is to the benefit of plants, pollinators, people and planet making for healthier, more diverse lawns.”

For more information and to join the No Mow May movement visit

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