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Repair and re-use

Quite often, the stuff we’re throwing away isn’t actually at the end of its life and could easily be repaired or re-used. Extending the life of your products is a great way to save money, save the planet and support your local community. Below are some top tips to help make the most of the things you buy.

  • Lots of shops offer repair services – look on your high street or search online or in local directories
  • You can often find easy to follow videos online that show you how to repair your products.
  • Learning how to sew – at even a basic level – can help you repair your clothing/furniture, or even give you the option to make styling modifications.
  • Lots of local shops offer repair services, be sure to check out your Highstreet or ask around online.
  • Before throwing anything away, ask around your family, friends, and your local community to see whether anyone can make use of it themselves. You’ll be surprised what some people want!
  • If you can’t find a new home for something yourself, consider donating it to charity.
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