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Rutland Local Plan consultation

Have your say on the future of Rutland by contributing to Rutland County Council’s consultation on the Local Plan. This consultation will help to shape how Rutland changes and develops over the next 15 to 20 years. Among the issues covered in the consultation is tackling the climate crisis.

Every planning authority must have an up to date Local Plan that covers a period of at least 15 years, setting out what can be built and where building should take place.

Local Plans hold policies to support environmental protection, jobs and the economy. They also help to decide where we need infrastructure for services such as roads, schools and health. A Local Plan also covers:

  • housing
  • education provision
  • transport infrastructure
  • healthcare provision
  • provision for leisure facilities
  • open and green spaces

Developing a Local Plan takes several years, and Rutland County Council is currently in the early stages of the process for a new Local Plan. The Issues and Options consultation runs from Thursday 30 June until Friday 16 September 2022. For more information and to participate in the consultation, visit: Local Plan Consultation

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