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Shop Smart

Shop Smart

Changing out everyday shopping habits can make a huge difference to our individual impact on the environment, this page contains some helpful tips to help you shop smart.

– Consider switching to dairy alternatives, such as sunflower spread and dairy-free milk (Almond, soya, etc…)
– Shop locally when possible.
– Carry a reusable coffee cup when out and about, this saves using a disposable one and can often save you money.
– Check out charity shops, or online services like Freecycle, to save yourself having to buy a brand-new product.
– Switch to shampoo & soap bars, rather than gels which are usually in plastic bottles.
– Use a refillable water bottle. Refill stations are becoming increasingly popular, and many hospitality venues will fill your bottle up for free.
– Try using refillable cleaning products around the house. Many brands like Oceansaver and Ecover are available at supermarkets.
– Visit Rutland Refill in Oakham to see what refill products they have to offer – 1 Westgate St, Oakham LE15 6BH. Call 01572 897277 or email

Do you have some tips of your own that you think we should share? Please do get in touch!

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