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Support and funding available!

The Stepping Stones project is looking to encourage local communities to come together and either look at engaging with existing local sports clubs / physical activity providers to launch something new in their area, or support the creation of new activities / facilities in green and blue spaces.

What could this look like?
For Green space (Playing fields / parks / woodland), this may be looking at an area of woodland that residents currently walk through—what extra enrichment could happen such as running forest bathing / woodcraft sessions?
For Blue space (Canals / Ponds / Rivers / Reservoirs) this could be creating a new way to access the waterway either with an existing club or the creation of a new club.

How will it work? If you pass an area of green or blue space and have had ideas over the years of
ways that you think it could be used more effectively, sometimes it just takes a new idea and
someone to push it forward for things to begin to happen. Change has to start with someone, could it be you? If you live in Leicester City, Leicestershire or Rutland, Stepping Stones wants to hear from you
Once you get in touch, they will work with you to look at ways to help you take your ideas forward.  This may be signposting you to relevant agencies / partners, assisting you to network and create a community around your project idea.

There is a small amount of funding available to each group supported

How to apply? Complete form linked on website, and return via email.  For queries, contact the project lead, Emma Andrew at or call 01455 856313 for further

When will the project close? We will be accepting applications between August 2022 and
December 2022 in the first instance or once 4 projects have been identified for support.

Who can apply?
• Local residents of Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland who have ideas for new and
innovative uses of green / blue open space in their community to improve physical and
mental health and wellbeing
• Properly constituted sports clubs or associations in Leicester City, Leicestershire or Rutland
who are branching out into new areas

Stepping Stones – a project to inspire community action


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