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The Big Plastic Count

Everyone is being invited to participate in The Big Plastic Count by counting all the plastic they throw away, for one week: 16-22 May 2022.

Across the country, households of all shapes and sizes, schools, community groups and businesses, will gather new evidence. How much plastic are we really having to throw away, and what happens to it?

Right now, nobody’s counting how much plastic we throw away across the UK, and it’s probably more than anyone realises.

Recycling alone is unlikely to solve the plastic problem. The purpose of The Big Plastic Count is to gather comprehensive evidence on the scale of the problem. The evidence gathered will be presented to the government, big brands and supermarkets, as part of a push to encourage them to take the bold action required.

Everyone is invited to take part, wherever you live, however big or small your household, and however you shop. For more details and to sign up visit: The Big Plastic Count

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