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Queens Green Canopy Tree Planting

The Queens Green Canopy

I am pleased to say that Rutland has already contributed to the Queen’s Green Canopy but I am hoping for lots more! – Rutland needs it!

The QGC campaign has been chosen by Her Majesty to provide a lasting beneficial legacy for all. The Queen’s Green Canopy campaign is to provide an opportunity for people to mark the Jubilee in a positive way, leave a legacy of something beautiful for future generations and help the planet. Trees are a major means of sequestering carbon. It is, principally, high levels of carbon dioxide are causing global warming.

Research has shown that 37.7% of Europe is covered in forests. However, 13% of the UK is woodland, and 10% of England is woodland BUT ONLY 6.3% of Rutland is woodland. This equates to 2.532 hectares. Rutland needs more trees!

During National Tree planting week the Weatherby family invited families belonging to the Rotaract Family Support Group to plant two beautiful hornbeams in a Rutland field. It gave children an opportunity to join in with the planting and feel a part of history. Whilst we were planting the trees we looked back and thought of Her Majesty’s 70-year reign, but we also looked forwards to the future knowing that hornbeams will live over three hundred years. It gave us all a sense of history that we all have a small part in it and that we can do something to help those who come after us.

Rutland Rotaract Family Support Group were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in a ceremony at the Castle on Dec 14th. They are only the second QAVS winner in Rutland.

Our wonderful St John & St Anne Alms Houses also joined in. I was asked to ceremonially plant a winter flowering cherry.

In Whitwell, a tree has been planted in the churchyard and I know other churches hope to do the same.

I have been invited to Whissendine Primary School to mark their tree planting. Other schools will also be planting following my letter asking them to join in.

The Duke of Edinburgh Memorial Orchard contains 30 historic regional rare varieties of apple and this will also count as a part of the QGC. I attach a picture of the Duke of Gloucester planting the last apple tree to complete the orchard.

Uppingham Rotary has recently planted a Memorial Wood on the banks of Rutland Water in remembrance of those who died in the county from Covid. All these trees will count as part of the QGC.

Many individuals have told me that they have already, or plan to plant a tree in the future in their gardens.

90 trees have been planted at Ketton, 105 have been planted between Cottesmore and Greetham completing the avenue between the two villages and continuing it from Greetham towards the Ram Jam A1 roundabout. An avenue of trees has been planted on farmland in Ashwell and more trees are planned in Barleythorpe. In Whissendine over 900 trees have been planted on farmland. In Hambleton, about 50 trees have been planted. However, we need many more if we are to increase our tree coverage and carbon sequestration significantly. I am keen to encourage more tree planting and to hear about all plans!

I will be marking all trees planted in the county on the national QGC map.

Sarah Furness, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland.

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